A Three Hour Tour, A Three Hour Tour

I don’t know why the Gilligan’s Island theme song is running through my head but it is.  Maybe because it is two o’clock on Wednesday morning here and I am about to lay down in a bed for the first time since Sunday night.  I really don’t feel too bad though.  Not as bad as I thought I would.  The three hour plane ride from Hong Kong to Singapore was not full and we had room to get more comfortable.  They served us dinner and then I was out.  I don’t know when the last time I had a meal on a plane was but now I have had three squares and a snack.  That is how they kept us pacified on the long trip over.  Every two hours they would come down the aisle and give us something to eat or drink and we would sit there with our neck pillows on and open our mouths like baby birds and gobble it down.  I knew I wasn’t in Kansas anymore when they were passing out breakfast and asked if we wanted eggs or noodles?  I guess I will be eating noodles for breakfast before I get home.  Eating was a nice diversion though.  Food and the free movies.  I watched four.  I’ll bet the guy in front of me watched eight

We left the house Monday morning at four.  As we were driving through dense fog to get to the airport I was fairly certain our flight would be delayed.  We had a five hour layover in Newark so I was hoping we could still catch our connecting flight to Hong Kong.   Despite the fog and high winds in Newark, we took off right on schedule.  I forced myself to stay awake on that flight.  I was counting on a long nap on the way to Singapore.  We were treated to dinner and a show at the airport when a Jerseylicious family missed their flight and we had a ring side seat as we were eating our Smashburgers.  Lots of loud drama as they got into it with the airlines rep.

I think Doug said the plane to Hong Kong was a 777.  I assumed we would fly from Newark across the Atlantic ocean but we went north across Canada and Greenland and right over the North Pole.  I never in my life thought I would be at the North Pole.  I wish I could have gotten a passport stamp from there!  Anyway then south over China and straight to Hong Kong.  Pretty cool.  I just have to say that we now have large planes that can pack in a bunch of people and fly them for long distances but is it the right thing to do?  The flight was 16 hours.  That is a long time.   It takes us fourteen hours to drive to Colorado though and we do that.  The young woman that shared our row was so nice.  She works for a shoe company and makes the trip three or four times a year.  She never minded when she had to move for us to get out, even when we woke her up.  She said she didn’t mind anyway.  We just all tried to coordinate our rest room breaks and walked and stretched some when we were all up.  Anyway, it wasn’t too bad except in my opinion, I had the worst seat on the plane.  It was in front of the wall to one of the toliets and so it didn’t lean all the way back and that made it seem like the person in front of me was right in my lap when she leaned her seat back.  I do have to give props to United though.  We flew them all the way and everything went smoothly and all of their staff seemed to be perfectly sane.  No freak outs.

I wanted to get a picture of the lights in Singapore to post for you but I don’t know if this turned out.  This was just looking out of our hotel.  It was so pretty when we flew in.  It really did look bedazzled.  And all of the boats in the water looked like drops of gold and emerald.  I will get out tomorrow and get some more pictures for you.

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2 thoughts on “A Three Hour Tour, A Three Hour Tour

  1. Lisa

    Thank you for letting me know of your blog……..I am living vicariously through you. Tell us everything! I can’t wait to read more tomorrow.

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