Rise and Shine

I just had to post a quick note about breakfast this morning.  When they offered eggs or noodles for breakfast on the plane I went with the eggs but now that I am here in Singapore I am ready to jump right in.  On the breakfast buffet at the hotel this morning was rice, mushroom soup, steamed veggies and dim sum.  Doug had bacon and eggs from the egg station.  Also on the menu were baked beans and a salad bar which we both passed on.  There was also fresh fruit.  Watermelon, pineapple, honeydew and some kind of fruit I can’t identify.  It looks like white pineapple with poppy seeds on it.  It tastes similar to kiwi and has the black seeds so maybe it is another type of kiwi. The buffet is served al fresco by the pool every morning.  I can get used to that.  Here is a picture of the pool area and also one looking out of the same window as the one I posted last night.

Here is a link to our hotel if you want to see pictures of it.  If they rooms look small it is because they are!  Oh my gosh.  Doug said it is going to be like living in a travel trailer.  When you come in the door there is a door to your left that is the shower and a door to your right that is the toilet.  If you step past that then there is a counter which includes the sink and an electric pot to heat your hot water for coffee or tea in.  There are shelves above the counter and doors underneath with places for storage, a safe and a refrigerator.  There are some snacks I could have if I wanted to spend $5.50 for a coke but I think I will pass.  Across from the counter is the bed.  At the foot of the bed is a staircase which comes up to the loft.  There is a desk up here and a fold out chair.  We had to bring our luggage up here too.  It’s a nice room though and I am glad to have it.  How much time do you really spend in the room anyway?  It reminds me of our room when we went on a cruise.  Very efficient.





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