Weather in Singapore

Weather in Singapore

We are fine here.  No earthquakes or tsunamis. Click on the link and read the fourth paragraph.  Apparantly Singapore is positioned in such a way that it misses all of that.  I did get caught out in the rain today but had an umbrella with me so it was fine.  Also, everything is designed with crosswalks from building to building or underground tunnels from the subway that you can get around and still stay dry.  Except for the sweat.  Oh my gosh.  I am clammy all the time.  It is more humid than you can imagine.  When we came out of the airport in Singapore it was the first thing I noticed.  It was after midnight and the air was still so warm.  I took off yesterday in a jacket because it was overcast but I shouldn’t have let that fool me.  Everyone carries umbrellas because it rains everyday but also because of the sun. When it peeped out it was broiling.  But I survived the summer of 2011 in Texas so I can take this too.  And all of those walkways I was talking about are air conditioned so you pretty much just go from one to another.

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2 thoughts on “Weather in Singapore

  1. Megan koudelka

    Glad y’all are good Vicky! Rachel and I had to learn some geography so we could figure out if you were close to the tsunami. We we’re worried about you…we wouldn’t do geography for just anyone lol. Love the blog!!!

    • Thanks, Megan. Just think how much you could learn if I just traveled more. That would be about my luck to come over here and be in the middle of a tsunami wouldn’t it? Thank goodness it is fine here and I hope it is over for Indonesia now.

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