Breakfast Buffet

Doug at Breakfast

This is where we have breakfast every morning.  It is an open air patio by the pool.   It has a cover in case of rain but the weather has been nice every morning so far.  They always have an egg station, bacon and ham, fresh fruit and yogurt, salad bar, rice, bread and pastries and dim sum but I always like to check out what is new every day.  Today it was steamed vegetables, corned beef and congee.  I don’t know what congee is but I ate it.  It was good.  If I had to guess I would say it was creamed rice.  It was the texture of grits.  I have tried everything except the salad bar.  I don’t know why I can have steamed vegetables for breakfast but draw the line at salad.  I have seen several people partake though.  This morning, a lady had just a salad and some fruit.

I am going to have a quiet day today and rest up for tomorrow.  Doug will be off of work for the first time and we are going to the beach.  Yesterday, I literaly wore my feet out.  I woke up this morning and they had bled on this nice, white bed.

I had blisters from all of the walking I did.  I did finally figure out the mass transit system (MRT) though.  I’m a Texas girl.  We just get in our cars and drive when we want to go somewhere.  Very few people here have personal cars though.  It’s a good thing.  Where would you put them all?  Space is at a premium and there are some parking garages.  There is traffic, but I haven’t ever seen it too bad.  Maybe I just haven’t been at the right place at the wrong time.  Most of the vehicles are taxis.  Doug said he is getting spoiled to taking a 20 minute taxi ride to work everyday instead of his usual hour commute in Dallas traffic.

Also, we may have finally gotten our days and nights back on shedule.  We arrived Tuesday after midnight, went to bed about two and last night was the first full nights sleep we have had.  We didn’t even have dinner Wednesday or Thursday because we went to bed too early.  Wednesday I got back to the room from exploring around three and turned on the tv and Dr. Oz was on!  It was a rerun but even so it was nice to see a familiar face.  I was watching but must have fallen asleep because I woke up to find Doug and his co-worker, Vash laughing at me.  Thanks Doug.  Per my previous post, the room is very small so I couldn’t even get out of bed with them there.  I pulled out my map of Singapore and we spread it on the bed and I showed them where I had been that day and Vash gave me some suggestions of places to try.  They came upstairs and were on a conference call and when Vash left about 5:30 Doug said he was exhausted and wanted to take a little nap before dinner.  We both laid back down and didn’t wake up until 10:30!  I went back to sleep but apparently Doug got up and showered and answered some emails.  I woke up at 12:30 and I don’t know why but I showered too.  I guess I thought it was morning.  We went back to sleep from about 3 to 6 but it didn’t feel like a very deep sleep.  I went down for an early breakfast with Doug before he left and then we started our day.  He had another conference call last night at 7 and when he was finished at 8:30 we didn’t feel like going out but at least we had managed to stay up all day so we had a full night’s sleep last night.  Maybe we can stay up long enough tonight to go out since it is Friday night.

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