Waste Not, Want Not

I went for a walk today and went inside the mall that is closest to the hotel.  I didn’t even know it was there.  It looks like an office building.  All of the malls have places to drop off your kids while you shop.  This one had more of those than places to actually shop.  It had two for violin lessons, one for art, a Gymboree and tae kwon do studio and a music appreciation for toddlers.

I was amazed to see a full sized grocery store on the top level.  All of these people who live downtown need someplace to shop.  I haven’t seen any place at all before today.  I had picked up some fruit in Chinatown yesterday and we have a fridge in the room so I thought I would get a few more things in case we take a picnic to the beach.  Sliced ham was on sale for $3.19 so I ordered a pound but they said it was priced per 100 grams.  That would be less than a quarter of a pound.  I got Doug a 12 pack of Coke Light.  They were on sale for eight dollars.  I got a small bag of Lays for $3.50.  I would have gotten some Pace picante sauce but a tiny jar was $7.50!  If you wanted a can of Salmon it would cost you $10.00.  And any dairy is high.  I guess they don’t have any pasture land for cows.  When you think about it, I guess they need to import everything.  Girls, they had all of the shampoo brands that we do but even the grocery store brands start at $15.00 a bottle.  Tofu and fresh seafood is cheap though and chicken isn’t bad.  And oh my gosh, if I lived here I might have to give up alcohol for good!  The regular sized bottles of Yellow Tale Merlot that I can get for under ten dollars were $25!  Gallo, Jacob’s Creek were all in the $25-$30 range.  I found a brand I hadn’t ever heard of at the Manager’s special price of $16.  I bought Doug a Corona.  A Corona.  Not a six pack.  It was six something.  I also got him a Tiger beer for four.  Don’t even think about hard liquor.  They sold it at the store but it was all behind a locked case.  Jim Beam anyone?  A  small bottle will cost you $90.

Anyway, we know we are all very lucky to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave, but we really do have such abundance.  All of those amber waves of grain and fruited plains.  It does take a toll though.  I think I am the biggest person I have seen here and that includes all of the tourists from Australia, Germany, Switzerland, etc.

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