Better Than Starbucks?

Better Than Starbucks?

It’s true. Doug likes the coffee at Toast Box better than Starbucks. It’s cheaper too. Now we have to stop at every one we see. Also cheaper here is fresh squeezed juice. They have stands kind of like little juice bars and you can get any kind of fruit or vegetable juice for $2. I have also seen whole roasted duck for $20 and I mean whole. Bill, feet, everything. Fresh fruit is also cheap and plentiful. Can you imaging going to the mall and buying a slice of watermelon to munch on.

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5 thoughts on “Better Than Starbucks?

  1. Lisa

    I like the look on the face of the guy behind the counter. Cracked me up.

    • I know. Stupid Americans taking pictures with their coffee. And look at Doug’s shirt after our walk. That is how he looked when the tailor told him he could make him some better clothes.

      • Lisa

        LOL – that’s so funny! Probably thought Doug was homeless.

      • Lynn Jones

        Seriously, Doug should get some custom made clothes while you’re there…they are usually relatively cheap and well made…or at least that was the case with shirts our friend had made in Hong Kong…Hey…and you can get tailored made slacks, blouse, etc. Spend ALL of that money while you’re there.
        I’m loving the blog and pictures and can’t wait to see you when you get home and hear all of the stories.
        Have a blast,
        Lynn Jones

      • I told him he could probably get a really nice suit here

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