Saturday morning we were in search of the nearest Toast Box and it was Doug’s first time to really get out and about.  The riverwalk was filled with residents out jogging and walking their dogs.  There is a lot of jogging going on here.  We always see some on the path no matter what time of day it is.  We walked all the way to the waterfront.  I it was a very busy area with lots of people taking pictures.  We found out the triple tour building with a boat on top is a casino and it costs $60 just to get in so we won’t be going up there.


We were mostly in the business district so not much was going on during the weekend but we found a market in a very old structure.  It was actually more of a food court.


I imagine it is very busy at noon on Monday through Friday.  We finally found the Toast Box for Doug’s coffee.  He didn’t know how to order it but they told him it is Kopi pain or iced coffee.  It is made with sweetened condensed milk and they pour it back and forth from the cup to container to froth the milk.  We found a subway station and went down five stories to ride back to the hotel.  When we were almost back we stopped for ice cream ( Doug’s dark chocolate, mine, green tea) and as we were walking someone handed us a brochure.  It was an Indian gentleman and he told Doug, “Don’t be offended, sir but I am a tailor and I can make you some better clothes.” Doug was wearing cargo shorts and by then, a sweated through t-shirt.  Priceless!  He wanted us to come up to his shop and pick out some fabric but we declined.  I was laughing too hard at that point.

I had remembered to wear my pedometer for the first time since we got here and when we got back to the room it was over 12,000 steps.  Our plan was to go to the beach that afternoon but it started raining.  Instead we had our picnic in the room.  My $15 a pound ham sandwiches and Lays potato chips.  I laid down to watch TV and that was all she wrote.  Yep, we fell asleep again and didn’t wake up until 7:30.  This time we made ourselves get up and get ready and go out for dinner.  We didn’t want to wake up in the middle of the night again.  I’m glad we did.  The rain had cooled everything down and we got our second wind.  The river walk is kind of like in San Antonio.  There are restaurants and clubs lining it, people out for the evening and boats giving tours.  We got a table on the water and ordered Black Pepper Crab.  We had to try it.  It is one of Singapore’s signature dishes.  Very good and very messy.  When we were headed back to the room about ten it looked like everyone else was just getting started.  Everyone was having dinner, you could hear music from the clubs and see lots of people all dressed up and out on dates.  I was thinking that even with all of the night life, I haven’t seen one police officer or security guard and not any drunks or trouble of any kind.  I guess since the alcohol is so expensive it is difficult to drink to excess.  We went to the bar at our hotel but it was already closed and they just leave all of the bottles setting out and no one bothers anything, even with liquor being such a high commodity.  So we called it a day and I had added a couple of more thousand steps to my pedometer.

The next day we road the MRT to Sentosa island, a resort located at the southern tip of Singapore.  Lots of areas there were very crowded but the beach was not.  We spent most of the day there and then rode up on the Tiger tower for some arial views.  There are malls everywhere here and that is where the MRT station was so we went in as we left and stopped at Toast Box again for Doug’s coffee.  They also have the best toast.  You can get several different spreads, the most common being kaya.  The toast is thick and crispy on the outside and the inside reminds me of angel food cake.   People have breakfast there but it was also busy in the afternoon.  Singapore was under British rule until 1965 so I wonder if tea time is still a ritual.  I almost doubled the steps on my pedometer to over 27,000.


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