I took off yesterday in search of a closer subway (MRT) station.  I knew there was one in Chinatown because I had ridden it there but I didn’t know where it was in relation to the hotel.  I forgot to wear the pedometer but I walked much farther than I intended.  I keep having to remind myself that I am on the other side of the world here because things aren’t that strange.  Signs are in English and everyone speaks English.  There are some unusual food choices and they drive on the other side of the road and of course the time change, but things seem fairly normal.  I didn’t find the MRT station but I was definitely out of the tourist zone.  I found a neighborhood where the locals live and work.  Doug needed some toiletries  and I was not going to pay the exorbitant prices around here.  I saw a market that was mostly closed for the day but was probably where all of the hotesl and restaurants went every morning to buy their food.  I saw signs advertising Indonesian pork, seafood, vegetables and fruits and a flower stand.

I thought I found a huge shopping mall and rode the elevator up with some people but they were just going back to work after lunch.  It was an office complex.  They did have an antique shop though with some old furniture imported from China so I looked around in there.  I rode back down and continued down the street and went into a little cluttered shop.  I found some lotion and shaving cream and only had to pay $7.00 so I was pretty pleased with myself.  I made my way back to the hotel by finding the river and following the walkway.

When Doug got home he joined the joggers and then we went to the workout room in the hotel.  After he showered he put on the lotion and noted that it didn’t rub in very well.  I tried it too and it wasn’t very good.  It was Dove Brand.  Extra moisturizing it said.  I put some in my hands and rubbed them under the water.  Yep, it foamed up.  The rest of the label was in Chinese (?).  I had apparently bought shower soap.  My first language gaff.



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