Dinner in Chinatown

Tuesday I had lunch in Little India. For all of my talk about trying new things and embracing the different cultures I just can’t try something if I don’t know what it is. I ordered something at lunch that was like a little fried biscuit with some green herbs in it and two little prawns staring up at me. At least it was recognizable. I also had some little fried balls with a very hot chili sauce. At home I have developed an obsession with coconut water so I am ecstatic with the availability of it here. I had chendal with lunch which was like my layered tea drink except made with coconut milk. It has a syrup on the bottom and coconut milk with pulp and then some kind of little green leaves floating in it. Delicious and refreshing.

That evening Doug and I tried to walk to Chinatown. The roads here aren’t laid out square and I almost never go straight to my intended destination. I think we would have made it last night but we came to a park with a huge hill and were diverted around it which made us overshoot the neighborhood. We did spot an MRT station though so I knew we could get on it and ride back one stop and be in Chinatown. We went down into the station and it was full of people. Doug said he thought half of the population of Singapore is underground at any given time. Maybe not at anytime but quite possibly at rush hour.


We walked and looked at some of the shops for a little while and then spotted a restaurant. We had the very tame fare of beef with bok choy and fried rice with shrimp and crab. I’m sure we will be going back as it is a lot cheaper to eat there than on the Riverwalk or downtown.

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