Not a Shopaholic

I felt more uncomfortable today than anywhere I have been yet.  It was Orchard Road.  It had every designer store that you could think of.   And not just one store of each.  No, why cross the street for a Dolce and Gabana.  Just put in another one right across from it.  Singapore is a shopping destination for tourists.  I guess if you come from a country where all of this isn’t available then it is worth it to come here and stock up.  I don’t go to those places at home so why should I go here?  I didn’t even go in one.  I strolled down the street though and found a more mid-range mall.  Why would I buy three pairs of Dockers for $200 or a plaid Levis shirt for $70?  Wow.

A decided to have a snack at the food court.  I could have had some beancurd with mango puree or almond paste with a black glutinous rice ball.  Or maybe some white fungus with papaya.  But I chose a Mango snowy mountain.  It was a tower of something in between a snowcone and ice cream.  It just melted in your mouth.  It was served with pearls like come in some teas and little cubes of mango and passion fruit.  It was yummy.  Since it was at the mall it cost five dollars but I am sure I can find it cheaper somewhere else.  The other day I bought an ice cream from a street vendor’s cart and he took our a big block of mango ice cream and cut off a generous square and wrapped it in a slice of green and pink chiffon bread.  At one dollar that was a real bargain.

Doug’s friend Vash gave me a coupon for this Angry Birds cake so I picked it up at a little bakery at the mall.


I don’t know if I have mentioned the TV here but it is so random.  I can’t figure out when anything is on.  Sometimes at three Dr. Oz is on and one day The Chew and Ellen came on too.  They were reruns but I still enjoyed watching them.  I haven’t seen them since though,  I saw a commercial saying new episodes of New Girl were airing Monday night at 8:30 so Monday when we got back from dinner I turned it on but Walking Dead was on.  I think that wherever that station airs from must be in a different time zone so maybe I missed it.  I have seen Hawaii 5 O and I see commercials for Blue Bloods, The Firm and CSI, the new one with Ted Danson but they come on about 11.   If I could find Modern Family and Justified I would be so happy.

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