Colonial Singapore

Today I found the old original part of downtown Singapore.  There are beautiful wooden buildings with red tile roofs and huge shuttered windows restored next to modern skyscrapers.  This is a very old building, restored and converted to restaurants and shops.


This is the Raffles Hotel.  A huge complex and the creator of the Singapore Sling.

This is a Catholic church.  It takes up a city block in a very prime area of real estate.

This is an Armenian Christian church.  The first Christian church built in Singapore. Opened in March 26th 1836.  That was twenty days after the Battle of the Alamo.

The first fire station.  Built in 1909

It was raining a little when I left the hotel but why let that stop me.  I had my trusty umbrella and you can always catch the subway (MRT-mass rapid transit) or duck inside a mall.  There has got to be more malls per square foot than anywhere else on earth.  I guess when you can’t expand out you build up and down.

I walked down to the MRT station and grabbed a bite to eat before I boarded.  I wish I could tell you the name of it but I just pointed at a picture.  It was in a bowl and had what looked like ramen noodles in a chili sauce.  A little warm but not unbearably hot.  It had a fried egg in it.  What looked like two Vienna sausages, crab and squid.   Everything is very well air conditioned and I was damp from the rain so I ordered a hot almond tea.  It was wonderful.  It looked like just a cup of warm milk.  I don’t know if it was almond milk or dairy milk with almond flavoring.  It was a good choice though.  At my destination I walked around quite a bit and then it started really pouring rain with splintering claps of thunder and lightning.  I ducked into the Raffles Hotel and found this lovely little garden.


I pulled out my map to check my whereabouts and planned to wait out the rain but it just kept coming down.  I made my way across the street to an upscale mall and found a place in the food court where I could get an orange carrot muffin and chai latte for $5.  I love the civilized ritual of tea time that the British left behind.  There is also a Cricket court and elevators are called lifts and the whole driving on the wrong side of the road that I have mentioned before.

The food place where I was sitting was right across from a French fry place.  Yep, all French fries all the time.  The sign said “Guaranteed USA potatoes”  You could get different flavors though, including curry.  Next to it was Crispy, Happy Food.

I found a sign for the MRT.  Even if there isn’t a station under every building there is usually a tunnel to one.  I felt like a Singaporean negotiating my way home completely underground.  When I came up as near to the hotel that I could get, the rain had stopped.

It was actually a very nice evening.  The rain had cooled everything off.  Almost all of the restaurants have patio dining.  Tonight we went to Mulligan’s.  Advertised as an Irish pub.  Doug had the fish and chips and I had Caesar salad.  After walking back to the hotel I had over 15,000 steps on my pedometer for the day.

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