Bright Lights, Big City

I rode the MRT back to Chinatown today for some shopping.  I had chicken and rice for lunch for only $2.00.  And I got another chendal drink (coconut milk)  this one had black pearls in the bottom and some kind of jelly.  They give you a big straw so you can just suck it all up.  The cup was sealed with plastic and I was unsuccessful with pulling it off so I peeked at someone else with a drink and the straw was punched through the plastic.  When I pulled the straw out of the bag I saw it had a pointy end just for that purpose.  They give it to you sealed and in a tiny plastic bag/cup holder in case you are getting on the subway where no food and drinks are allowed.



It was a very hot day.  I had heard that it rained every day but it seems to be every other day so you have alternating rainy and sunny days.

I spent the best twenty dollars yet on a foot rub.  It was intense, sometimes downright uncomfortable but afterward I felt great.  The MRT looked crowded and I decided I was going to find my way back to the hotel this time for sure.  I stopped at a little fruit stand and bought a slice of watermelon, pineapple and papaya all for under $2.  I was a lot closer to home than I thought.

Doug got home from work right after I got there so we had the fruit and then he went and jogged by the river.  We walked back the way I had come from Chinatown and got on the MRT.  We had to change trains a couple of times and we got off at the end of the line at the marina.  They have a huge ferris wheel there called the Singapore Flyer.  These pictures are taken from it.  It has glass enclosed cages and when one gets to the bottom position they open the doors and you just hop in.




We ate soup and pork and noodles there.  I got dessert too.  They put shaved ice into a bowl and then a special secret surprise in the middle, then more shaved ice.  He put the whole thing in waxed paper and shaped and compressed it into a snowball and topped it with colored syrups.  The green was honeydew.  I don’t know what the brown and red was.  And the surprise in the middle turned out to be red beans.

We had spotted a pedestrian bridge from the ferris wheel so we walked across it to the Marina Bay Sands hotel, casino and mall complex.  We got there just as the laser and water show was ending.



We went inside to check out the fountain and saw an MRT station so we boarded there.  When we arrived at the next station to change lines we had just missed the last train.  We could have worked our way back to the hotel on foot but opted for a cab ride.  Unfortunately, we were on the opposite side of an eight lane highway from the taxi stands.  There is never any difficulty in finding a cab.  You can always call a taxi company or if you are leaving an establishment or hotel they have designated pick up areas that you can wait in for the next taxi to come along or they have these taxi stands around the city where you can queu up (more British influence) and take turns waiting for the taxis.  The line was already long and we were considering our options.  We could go back down into the MRT station and come out of another exit across the street or we could search on our side of the street for the next stand.  As we were headed toward the next block we were on a cross street and saw a taxi with a green available light on.  There were lines and lines of cabs on the road but they were already taken.  We waved the available one over and he stopped for us even though they aren’t supposed to stop anywhere but designated areas for you.  He probably just took pity on us, stranded as we were.


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