Walk with the Animals

We wanted to visit the zoo while we were here because it is one of the top rated ones in the world.  There is some rain forest left in Singapore.  Not much because of all of the development.  Actually, it is called a secondary Forest.  The original land was cleared long ago and England cut down all of the rubber trees when Singapore was the location of a trading company.  So what is here now is what grew back.  They just carved the zoo from the forest so the animals truly have a natural looking home.  There aren’t any bars and not much glass.  You are separated by just wooden fences and moats if that.  You can walk directly under the Orangutans and some of the other monkeys while they are up in the trees.  And I don’t care what language you speak, everyone thinks it’s funny when a seal splashes water on people.   We took a boat ride around the perimeter which is a man made reservoir and the source of Singapore’s water supply.  They get so much rain I would imagine it never gets low.




We spent all afternoon and the zoo and when it closed we stopped at a stand for a snack.  There was pizza and KFC but I opted for traditional tea (teh), toast and boiled eggs.  I thought the sign said hard boiled eggs but it actually said half boiled.  They give you a bowl and spoon to eat it with.  You just crack it and pour it out.

The zoo also has a night safari that we had signed up for.  It is the longest queu we have been in yet.  Everyone is very orderly and well behaved though.  No loud and disruptive people ruining it for everyone.  No pushing or cutting in line either. I think in a city this size you just learn that there is going to be a certain amount of waiting and that it is best for everyone to cooperate.  Also, troublemakers most likely face stiff fines.  We were near the front and didn’t have to wait too long for a tram and it was a nice ride through what was like a wildlife park.  Sometimes we would pass over cattle guards and the animals would be roaming freely.

When we got home, we skyped with Jessy and Reagan.  It was ten o’clock here and we were about to go to bed and it was eight in the morning Colorado time.  We told Reagan all about the animals and she said next time she would go with us to the zoo.

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