Back to India

Today I got out and about early because I wanted to go on a walking tour of Little India which started at 10:30.  Also, we are invited to a company dinner tonight so I wanted to be back early so I wouldn’t be hobbling around all night.  Usually my feet are worn out by evening and Doug has to wait on me wherever we go because I have to walk so slowly.

I left the room about nine and dropped off our laundry on the way to the MRT. I was there in plenty of time and even found my way to where I thought the tour was to begin but didn’t see any signs of a guided tour except for a tour group who had their own bus and everything.  Just as in the U.S. you see large groups of Japanese tourists in organized trips.  Well, I have been doing pretty well on my own and I had the map of the route to take so I just took off .  Again, lots and lots of shops.  The Indians love their bling and it seems like every other store is a jewelry store. They were packed with people shopping today.  It made me feel like I was missing out on something.  People were standing in line to buy gold.

I saw this statue and I thought it looked like an American Indian.

This is Sri Veeramakaliamman, a Hindu temple.  I must have been there at prayer time because lots of people were coming by and taking off their shoes to go inside.  I felt like I was intruding so I didn’t go in.  I think it was built in 1855 and just look at the artistry.  I read something that said during World War II people would take shelter in the temple and it withstood all the bombing.


I wasn’t hungry yet but decided to get some food “to take away” for lunch at the hotel.  There are lots of vegetarian restaurants in the area.  I went to the food court and got some tofu sweet and sour with green beans and noodles for $2.50.  One of the best meals I have had yet.  The tofu was just like chicken. If you were eating there you would get a tray and a paper liner and then just load it up with food.  You could feed the whole family for three or four dollars. I got a glass of my beloved chendal to go and then saw a sign for some tea so I ordered a cup for there.  They carried my cup to the nearest table for me and set it down with these two gentlemen having a lively conversation.  They stopped long enough to tell me hello and then went on with their talk and had their coffee while I had my tea.  The best chai latte ever.  It was about to rain but I wasn’t far from the MRT so when we all finished I left and made my way down to the train.  It was just a short ride back but when I came up to street level it was starting to rain so I tried to find my way back on the crosswalks going building to building.  I was so proud of myself but when I came outside I had gotten off track a little and gone away from the river.  I would have done better to stay on the train until the next stop but at least I got to see inside a lot of the office buildings that I have been walking by every day.  I came out in the court house district so I saw some law offices.  I see lots of dental clinics and acupuncture places. They also have a lot of gyms. I see travel offices whereever I go.  I think it is very popular to just buy the travel package.  They must take a lot of trips. And I found more restaurants to try.  And look at this.  There was a big Mona Vie office in Singapore.

I just had a couple of blocks to walk but by now it was pouring!  I had my umbrella of course but when I got back to the hotel my pants, shoes and socks were soaked!  I could have made it back before the rain if I hadn’t stopped for tea but it was totally worth it.


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2 thoughts on “Back to India

  1. Myra

    Glad your having so much fun. I have enjoyed your blog. Just found it this morning, Love yall, Myra.

    • Thanks, Myra. Doug has to read my blog to find out what is going on because he just goes to work everyday.

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