I didn’t get out until after lunch today.  Too busy posting pictures from the weekend.  Everyone keeps telling me I need to go to Bugis market and it isn’t too far so I jumped on the MRT to find it.  This must be where the locals shop for all of their fabulousness.  Finally some bargain prices.  I went inside a building and there were rows and rows of stalls with souvenirs, purses, clothes, shoes, everything.  I know some girls who would love it here.  Some of the booths were so tiny that the proprietor had to stand outside so there would be room for you to go in and look around.  Upstairs was air conditioning and bigger shops, hair salons and the ever present eyebrow waxing place.  Everywhere I go, someone wants to fix my eyebrows.   And a sign I saw at a waxing place. “We will go where no tweezer or razor has gone before.” You could spend days here and in the surrounding blocks.

I bought a curry tart and some sesame balls at a food stand.  The tart looked like a turnover and inside was a spicy chopped pork.  The sesame balls had sesame butter inside.  For dessert I had what they said was a yam covered in coconut.  It looked like pineapple because it was light in color.  I don’t know what this fruit is.

I saw an amazing juice stand where everything was just $1 or $2 dollars.  Wheat grass or any kind of fresh fruit juice you can think of and some you never heard of.  Speaking of fruit, I bought some Durian.   I think it was featured on Dr. Oz.  I can’t remember what wonderful qualities it is supposed to have but it smelled so bad.  It was wrapped in saran wrap but that didn’t contain the smell.  I thought maybe it was just the stand that smelled so bad but later when I was on the MRT I could still smell it.  It was so strong and the lady sitting next to me was sniffing the air so I know she smelled it too.  Apparently, according to the following article I wasn’t even supposed to bring it on the subway.  I opened it up in our room and Doug said I had to get it out of there.  He wouldn’t even try it.  I ate a little but couldn’t get past the smell.  I carried it outside to a trash bin but it took a little while for the smell to leave our room.

. Durian

There are currently nine species of edible durian.
The most common is Durio zibethinus

Durian is revered in Asian as the ‘king of fruits’ for tasting like heaven and stinking like hell.

It has a distinctive large size, unique odor, formidable spiky husk and typically weighs one to three kilos.

The yellow flesh emits a distinctive odor, strong and penetrating even when the husk is intact. Some people regard durian as fragrant; others find the aroma overpowering and offensive and has even led to banishment from public transport in Singapore.

The rich creamy flesh was famously described by 19th-century British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace as, “a rich custard highly flavored with almonds”. The pungent fruit is usually eaten fresh but can also be cooked with sticky rice or flavored into cakes and ice cream.

To choose a durian, pick a fruit which has consistent coverage of large fat spikes – these areas have a lot of flesh. Areas of the fruit where the spikes are small and closer together won’t have have much flesh. The fruit is ripe and ready to eat when the fruit exudes a strong (but not sour) smell.

Open a durian by slicing one side of the fruit from stem to base. I suggest you do it on the floor with some newspaper you can wrap around to grip the spiky fruit.


For dinner we walked just around the corner from the hotel and had some yummy sushi at a pretty good price.  Doug even found a five dollar beer.  Saposa, I think?

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