A Walk in the Garden

I decided to visit the Singapore Botanical Gardens today.  There is an MRT station right there so it wasn’t a problem to get there. The only thing I regretted was not stopping and buying something for my lunch on my way.  I had to pay tourist prices at the restaurant they had there.  Pineapple juice for $5.  I had spring roles and samosa.  They couldn’t tell me what samosa was but it seemed to be a puree of some kind, maybe yam inside of a crispy fried crust.


This is bamboo.  I didn’t know it got so big.  Some of it was as big around as my arm


There is some original rainforest left in the gardens so I felt really lucky to get to walk through that.  The any of the really big trees are called Heritage trees.  I can’t even imagine how old they must be.



These are some of the many varieties of ginger.  Bananas are in the family.



Orchids are everywhere in town but it was still a little surreal to walk through a garden filled with them.  Actually the first thing I noticed when we checked into the hotel after our long trip was how good it smelled.  I thought it was room spray or a candle until I saw the orchids all around the lobby.  Singapore’s national flower is an orchid.


I knew their were Laura Bush petunias, but she has an orchid named after her too.




When I left to go home school was out and the MRT was filled with kids in their school uniforms.  They all had there earbuds in listening to their phones or ipads.  I haven’t seen any school buses so I wondered if all the kids just rode public transit.  Maybe they get a discount.  They were headed to the malls to snack and hang out with their friends just like teenagers everywhere.

Unfortunately, I left my pedometer at home today.  Too bad.  I walked about eight hours today.

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