Home, Sweet Home

We got up at three and got to the airport early.  Had breakfast at Starbucks after we got checked in.  We weren’t in first class but I felt like it.  The plane was a 747 and it wasn’t full so we had the row to ourselves.  People were stretching out over four seats.  We flew eight hours to Tokyo, got off the plane and went through check in and straight to the gate to board another 747.  This one was packed and we were on it for another eight hours.  I kept thinking we would fall asleep out of exhaustion but it never happened.  I was just too uncomfortable.  I took some Dramamine but it didn’t kick in until we were landing and then I had to go through customs in San Francisco all fuzzy headed.  We had had a bad experience at the San Francisco when we visited the city several years ago and I did not want to spend another night on the floor there but all went smoothly.  It was ten in the morning U. S. time but we still had clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl for breakfast.  It was dinner time to us.  Doug said I was asleep before we took off for Dallas.  I had taken some ibuprofen and I guess it took the edge off all of my achy joints enough that I could pass out.

We got to the house about 5:30 and all was good.  We managed to stay up until bedtime and thought that would guarantee a full night’s sleep but it is the strangest thing.  We both woke up about three.  It was afternoon in Singapore and even though I kept trying, there was no going back to sleep.  I am hoping tonight we will be back on schedule.

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