Jet Lag

So I started off Thursday morning in Texas, landed in Amsterdam Friday morning and arrived in Singapore on Saturday morning.  I think it was around 30 hours that elapsed.  I chased the sun around the world.  I had to fly to Houston first and because I was using Doug’s miles I got to have elite status and skip ahead in the security lines and go to the lounge in the airports.  I was always so jealous of those people.  Now I am never going to want to go back to waiting in lines and sitting in those little chairs at the gates.  The Houston lounge was huge and full of people.  Who are all of these people and where are they going?  It is so quiet, especially in contrast to all of the hustle and bustle and noise just outside the door.  They had lots of food so I fixed a plate and had a free lunch of crackers and cheese, carrots with ranch and a banana.  I stuffed my pockets with cookies, an apple and added chocolate covered raisins to a zip lock bag of almonds that I had in my purse.  SCORE.  My flight left at 3:30 that afternoon.  It was full, FULL I say,  of tall, blonde Dutch people.  The guy across from me was 6’7” he said.  He asked if he could move up one row and sit in the seats with extra leg room but they said not unless he paid more even though no one was sitting there.  There were lots and lots of extra seats so his traveling companions moved back and he could at least lie down and stretch out.  He had to sit up to eat and watch movies though and I felt so bad for him.  There was another guy on there who was almost that tall and his Dad asked about the seats for him too.  The seats remained empty and everyone spread out throughout the plane.   I was on the aisle seat in a row of two and finally, after dinner,  my neighbor moved a couple of rows back so I laid down and tried to sleep.  I got a few hours in I think.  Not a particularly deep sleep but it did count.  My pillow kept slipping between the seat and the window and the nice man behind me would put it back in my seat.  I would wake up and find it at my feet.  I never did talk to him.  Once when I stood up I looked back there at him to thank him but he was asleep.


When we landed in Amsterdam it was about six in the morning their time.  I saw canals when we were landing.  The airport had glass walls but I couldn’t see much of the city because it was really overcast and foggy outside.  I was there for about three hours but it looked the same the whole time.  I found where my gate was and went to check out the lounge there.  No food but all the booze you could drink.  Self serve.  They had bottles of every kind of liquor you can think of in dispensers, wine bottles uncorked and ready to pour, beer, cokes, water and mixers in the fridge.  The only problem was it wasn’t even eight o’clock in the morning!  That didn’t seem to stop anybody but me though.  I saw one guy come in, pour a tumbler of red wine, guzzle it down and turn around and leave.  I’m not judging.  Maybe it was for medicinal purposes.  Maybe that’s the only way he could get on a plane.  I would have at least had a mimosa but there wasn’t any champagne.

I flew Singapore Air for the final leg of the journey.  This plane was packed full.  I had an aisle seat next to a nice couple on their way to Australia.  I couldn’t understand them when they spoke to each other but they spoke perfect English when speaking to me.  We didn’t chat much at first.  Even though it was morning, we were served dinner and offered wine.  I still couldn’t do it.  I watched some movies and tried to sleep but it was a lot more difficult sitting upright.  Plus, I was just more uncomfortable from all of the accumulative sitting.  There was the cutest little girl with blond curls. Her parent’s tall, blonde and Dutch.  She did really well most of the time but she woke up sometime after they had dimmed the lights and everyone was trying to sleep and she wasn’t going for it so every once in a while she would cry and I would wake up.  You couldn’t be mad at her though.  When her parents would walk her down the aisle she would wave at everyone as she went by.  I was thinking how difficult it would be to take a ten hour plane ride with a child but really it would be easier than a long car trip.  Occasionally, we would have to be in our seats with the seatbelts fastened but sometimes she could sit in their laps or go for a stroll.


We landed in Singapore and it was 5:30 in the morning.  I picked up my bag, went through customs, exchanged some cash and caught the MRT to the hotel.  I didn’t feel too bad so we went down and had breakfast but I did take a nap a little later.  Then we got out and did some shopping then headed over to Raffles Hotel for dinner.  More about that in next posting.  We went to bed and I was so happy that I slept all night.  I was expecting the” two in the morning wake up because it is the middle of the day back home” but it didn’t happen.  We will see how the next few nights go but so far, so good.

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