Jungle Hike

After breakfast on Sunday we were trying to decide what to do.  It’s Doug’s last open day in Singapore.  He wanted to show me where the condo was that he used to stay in and he said there were lots of hiking trails in the area.  I had no idea what I was in for.  I didn’t even put on my pedometer.  We rode the MRT to the end of the line and he of course had to make a bee line for the Toast Box in the mall when we got there for his favorite, Kopi pain.  Iced coffee.  We made our way outside and immediately started sweating.  It was hot and sunny!  We walked to the condo and then to a marina next to it.

Of course you would carry your helicopter with you on your yaht.


Doug really wanted to see this boat going across the water.  He said he thought it was a hydrafoil.



We walked on a trail along the water’s edge to a nearby park.  There were old machine gun batteries constructed by the English to defend the harbor from pirates but then lost to the Japanese during World War II and then forgotten and enveloped by the surrounding jungle until rediscovered.

Here is a link for you history buffs who would like to read more about the Battle of Singapore.  It is one of the worst defeats ever suffered by the British who surrendered even though they far outnumbered their invaders.  Interestingly enough, it was just mentioned in the new Billy Bob Thornton film I just saw.


What do you do if you can’t cut trails through the jungle?  You go over it!

This sign was posted all along the skywalk.  I went from hoping to see a monkey to being terrified that one was going to jump out and wrestle my purse from me because of course I had food in it.  I considered taking my money out and putting it in my pocket so they wouldn’t make off with that but we never saw any.


Beautiful views though.


view from skywalk


This is a curvy, wooden bridge





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