Thailand Resort

I was so relieved and happy when we got to the resort in Thailand.  I just chose a place online and you never know what you are going to end up with.  I searched for a mid-range place (around $100 per night US dollars), near the beach.  A couple of friends, (thanks Julie and Adriane) suggested some areas and told me where not to stay but I felt like I was just throwing a dart to choose one.  There are so many.  Ours was really nice, clean, excellent views and a walk across the road to the beach.  Oh and an amazing breakfast buffet was included every morning.

This is the entrance.  The lobby and dining areas were all covered but open aired.

Terraced pool


This was outside our hotel.  Adriane told me what it was called but I forget.  They are used to place offerings of food and drink.  I saw where they were sold and almost every home and place of business had one.  If they did not, then they still set out their offerings.


Offering food on an altar is an act of connecting with the spiritual world. It is also a means to release selfishness and open the heart to the needs of others.

This is the balcony.  Smile Doug, you are in paradise.

Sunset from balcony

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One thought on “Thailand Resort

  1. betty

    Gosh, Vicky, how lucky are you! Those pictures are beautiful, absolutely. Enjoy and be careful.

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