Back to Singapore

It felt like home getting back to Singapore.  I would have loved to spend more time on the beach and I really enjoyed the Thai food and the cheap prices instead of here in the land of exorbitant prices.  Also, if we would have stayed longer maybe we would have gotten more comfortable and adventurous in getting around town.  The traffic is intense.  Not the amount of it but just the style of driving.  There are a lot of taxis and shuttles but also a lot of privately owned vehicles.  I noticed lots of people had pick-ups which you never see in Singapore and when we were going to the airport during rush hour I saw why.  The beds were loaded with people going to work.  Many of them have a bar across the top and everyone just stands in the back and holds on to the bar.  In the evenings you would see whole soccer teams on their way to the game like that.  Most disturbing though are the motor scooters.  That is the main mode of transportation and they buzz around like bees all around the cars, on every side, going every direction.  I saw young children riding in front of their parent’s with their feet propped up on the gas tank.  The thought of Reagan on one of them was horrifying.  I think it is the biggest cause of death there.  We saw several tourists with their knees bandaged up and knew they had rented a scooter.

In the tourist areas the streets are tiny and there aren’t any shoulders to speak of.  What is there is used for parking motor scooters so when you are walking, you have to weave all around them and try to avoid oncoming traffic.  You see tourists just walking along like it is a plaza.  I was afraid someone was going to get run over or cause someone to wreck their scooter to avoid them.  These pictures show the streets but this isn’t at a busy time.  At night everyone would leave the beach and walk along the streets to shop or eat.


So that is why it felt familiar to come back to Singapore.  We know the airport, the taxi queues and the mass transit system.  We can go anywhere we want in the city.  It was a rainy Sunday afternoon when we got back to the hotel so we decided to go to the show and see James Bond.  Apparently all of Singapore had the same idea.  There were masses of humanity underground at the MRT station.  We all jammed into the train and then had to change lines and then the mall was packed.  By the time we made our way to the show, the next two were sold out.  So much for our relaxed beach vibe.

NOTE:  The next day I went online and bought tickets and we went to see Skyfall that evening.  We had Coke light, kettle corn and corn in a cup for a snack.  Why can’t we get those snacks at our theaters?

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