Beach Time

The beaches in Thailand were gorgeous.  The sand is powdery, the water clear. The water tasted salty but it didn’t seem to cling to your skin and dry it up.  Doug said we were going to be so white at the beach, but no, not at all.  Thanks to the Russians and Europeans who by the way believe you are never too old or too fat for your bikini or speedo we didn’t stand out at all.  Except with me in my “swim dress” and Doug in his board shorts you could easily spot us as Americans.  You could also single out the Aussies because most of the women were very dark.  They looked like tanned leather.  There was quite a contrast between all of us sprawled out in the sun and the Thai women wearing long sleeves and bonnets to sell their wares on the beach.  They aren’t Muslim, they are Buddhist but they wanted to protect their skin.  They must think we are crazy!

Doug has left a watch in every lake we have ever been in and now there is one in the Andaman Sea.


No one has brought up our recent election to us except the guy that owned one of the food and drink stands at the back.  While his wife was preparing our order he asked where we were from.  He said only about 10 per cent of the tourists are American.  He gave Obama a thumbs up and the Russians a thumbs down.  I guess he finds them difficult.  Our beach chairs were next to a Russian couple and they were very nice.  I was having a beach massage (about $10 for an hour)  at the back of the beach and it started raining.  It stopped when I was done and I went back to what I thought were our chairs but couldn’t find Doug.  I was walking back and forth along the beach looking for my stuff and she came and told me that he had taken everything and left.  “Even my shoes?” I said and she confirmed.  Someone else had taken over our chairs so I just found an empty one nearby to wait at.  I couldn’t walk all the way back to the hotel barefooted!  She was very concerned about me and they were leaving because it had started raining again.Finally Doug came back with an umbrella and my shoes.  We saw them again when we went back that afternoon and she was very relieved to see that I had been rescued.

There were beautiful sunsets here at the edge of the world.

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