Fort Canning Park

I decided to go for a jog today in Fort Canning Park.  It is just a few blocks from the hotel but it took a while to get there because of construction.  Fort Canning is a huge hill in the middle of the city and it looks like they have a side scraped off and are filling it with a concrete gridwork.  I don’t know if the area was washing away or if they just want to terrace it.  I finally found an overpass where I could reach the park.  I walked up the hill.  It is about a 45 degree incline.  I jogged when I came down.

Fort Canning is a very historic site.  The English built their first settlement there and they found the tombs of ancient Malay kings.  I came across an excavation site and they had some of their findings displayed.  There were pieces of bowls from ancient China and some coins.  Singapore’s water resevoir is at the top of the hill.  It is fenced in and their are signs all around it saying you can be shot for entering.  I didn’t see any guards though.




I had 4000 on the pedometer and added another 1000 when we went to dinner that night.

These carvings are in stone that make up a fence to a Buddhist temple near the hotel.


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